Turning to God on Advent Sunday

December 3rd is the first Sunday in Advent. Methodists in Yorkshire North and East are called to a day of fasting and prayer to turn to God. 

This is primarily a call to prayer – to pray additionally to the time you would normally spend in prayer. So if you pray 3 times a day then you might pray 4 times, or if you usually pray for 5 minutes you might pray for ten or even 100. Churches are encouraged to make provision for a time for prayer in church.

Second, the concept of fasting completely from food is not for everyone so a more practical interpretation is to do without something to give more time for reflection and prayer. Suggestions could be not watching TV, turning off the computer or doing without your phone; walking instead of using the car or eating simple food instead of a full Sunday roast.

There is supporting material available from the URC (‘Walking the Way’) and Methodist Church (‘Day by Day’).  ‘Transforming Churches and Communities’ is a further resource.’Turning to God Sunday’ was celebrated in many churches on September 1st.

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