Mary is expecting a baby!

Mary heard she was expecting a baby from an angel! What a shock! But Mary has now had to suffer the trauma of traveling to Bethlehem. I’m Mary’s partner Joseph and because I’m a descendant of the House of David, I have to go to Bethlehem to register.  Caesar Augustus has just called a census and, despite the fact that Mary’s nearly 9 month’s gone, Quirinius, the Governor, wouldn’t give her dispensation to delay the journey. It’s a long way from Nazareth, too, when you’ve got swollen ankles and a huge belly and donkeys aren’t that easy to ride when you’re 100% let alone when you are expecting a baby- unless you’re a child on a beach on holiday, of course.

The problem is that, despite sending messages to friends, I haven’t been able to book a hotel room for when we arrive. To be honest, I’m really worried about Mary. This baby is due very soon! What do we do if the baby starts coming and there is nowhere for us to go? New Mums need a clean, comfortable environment to give birth, with a midwife. I haven’t been able to find a midwife, either.

Mary told me about the visit from the angel with some trepidation.  Well, she didn’t think I’d believe her!  Gabriel she said the angel’s  name was – unusual name, don’t you think? The angel said that she was going to have a baby, a boy, and we are to call him Immanuel.

To be fair, I would have been highly sceptical about this baby because Mary was, well, you know, untouched – well, by me, anyway and despite the fact she swore she’d never been with anyone else and that I really do trust her, well, I must admit, there was a little nagging doubt. But then I saw the angel, too! He said that Mary was telling the truth and that I should not hesitate to marry her.  Then she got morning sickness and her belly started growing and I could feel little kicks…..

But this journey is never-ending. There’s still a few days of travelling to go. Mary’s not sleeping too well, under a makeshift shelter with blankets on the ground……and the head looks as if its starting to engage.

Mary seems to be very calm, if uncomfortable. She never complains! She will be a great Mum. She has unshakeable faith. But this name, Immanuel, maybe God is with us…..


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