“Holy Habits” and ‘Walking the Way’

Holy Habits” by Andrew Roberts, the Methodist Learning and Development Officer for Bristol and West Midlands, has developed his book and programme along with the URC. It complements the URC ‘Walking the Way‘ initiative. Many Methodist Churches have adopted “Holy Habits” as a support initiative for their congregations as it describes the practices in Acts 2 along with resources for supporting adherents to live them, whilst all URC (including Methodist/URC LEPs) are actively ‘Walking the Way’.

The 10 habits described by Luke in Acts 2 are:

Biblical teaching; fellowship; breaking bread; prayer; giving; service; eating together; gladness and generosity; worship; making more disciples.

“Holy Habits” is something which people can use to enrich their ‘Walking the Way” journey. 

“Holy Habits” has been recommended by the New York Conference of the United Methodist Church so the book is now making an impact across the pond. It is in its 6th reprint.

The Bible Reading Fellowship has now published guides and booklets for each ‘habit’.

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