Fairtrade Fortnight now in Full Swing

Fairtrade Fortnight invites you to Come on In to Toll Gavel Church. Purchase fairly-traded products every morning from the Fairtrade Shop (and enjoy a cup of Fairtrade tea or coffee at the same time!) and have a look at the information boards set up around the church, describing how Fairtrade makes a difference. These are stories of real people.

If you are buying imported goods, make sure they have the Fairtrade label on them! Fairtrade ensures the farmers and producers get a fair price for their labours; it protects them against exploitation and allows them to invest in their businesses. 

Fairly-traded good include tea, coffee, sugar, breakfast cereals, dried fruits, olive oil, biscuits and cakes; washing liquid, soap, toilet paper and kitchen towels and other household goods; clothing; cards; wrapping paper; gifts and more.

Toll Gavel United Church is  Fairtrade Church in Beverley, a Fairtrade Town. 



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