Culture:Orchestra’s Beverley Home is at Toll Gavel!

Not many churches can boast an Orchestra-in-Residence, but Toll Gavel can! The newly-established Hull and East Riding Culture:Orchestra has its Beverley home at the town-centre church whilst when in Hull it performs in Hull Minster. It’s a well-recognised fact that Toll Gavel United Church has the best acoustics in Beverley which means that Culture:Music‘s Culture:Orchestra and its associated groups (Culture:Voces, Culture:Sax, Culture:Jazz) are heard in their full glory.

Culture:Orchestra performed two concerts at Toll Gavel in 2017 – a very well-attended Songs from Film extravaganza (which Spiderman came to!) and a Christmas Concert with a difference – with Frozen characters enjoying their special tunes and Musical Director Danny Thompson demonstrating his prowess on the Sax. The orchestra and choir aren’t scared to try something different, either, with Culture:Voces singing a 13-part harmony piece accompanied by wine glasses filled with water, conducted by vocal coach Charlotte Coggin. 

Culture:Orchestra is made up of entirely amateur musicians, many of whom prior to joining the group had not touched their instruments since their school-days. Clearly, playing an instrument is a bit like riding a bike – once you have the knack, you just need a bit of practice to get back in the swing! 

Concerts for 2018 are already in planning with, it’s rumoured, something extra special happening in 2019! Danny has plans to use music which will feature Toll Gavel’s organ, too, which will please the congregation enormously.

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